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Antifoluling Ultrasónico

Ultrasonic Hydrophone (NOT SOLD SEPARATELY)

Ultrasonic Hydrophone (NOT SOLD SEPARATELY)

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The MS4 and MS8 ultrasonic hydrophones are essential instruments for detecting and measuring sounds with frequencies above 20 kHz in the water, which is why they are very useful for checking the correct operation of ultrasonic antifouling systems for boats.

They consist of a submersible sensor that acts as an underwater microphone and a signal amplifying and processing unit with LED level indicators.

Vibrations transmitted through the antifouling system heads to the hull are detectable in the water around the boat.

By immersing the sensor in the water, it is possible to control the level of vibrations and also confirm the correct operation of the system. The hydrophone can also be used to precisely control the vibrations reaching every part of the hull. To do this, the boat must be out of the water, and the sensor will be used by directly touching the hull.

Both MS4 and MS8 models are equipped with a small speaker and a frequency divider system that allows the ultrasound to be heard. In this way the detected signal can be heard through the speaker, and its level controlled through the LED meter.

  • The MS4 is the basic model. It is equipped with 4 LED indicators to show the level of ultrasound.
  • The MS8 is the advanced model. It is equipped with 8 LED indicators to show the ultrasound level, switches to adjust 4 hydrophone gain levels and also a signal output to connect other external measurement devices.
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