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  • Save time and money

    By keeping your hull clean for much longer, you will save time and money on maintenance.

  • Improve performance

    By avoiding the fouling of microorganisms, the performance of your boat will improve drastically.

  • Spend less fuel

    Thanks to the improvement in performance, your boat will also be more efficient.

  • The minimum energy consumption

    Our equipment is as efficient as possible, consuming 12.5W/h per transducer.

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One very powerful light bulb or many weak light bulbs?

Unlike our competitors, we use more transducers but less powerful to improve the effectiveness of antifouling systems. Because if you think about it, to illuminate a large room, you will not use a single very powerful bulb, but you will use many less powerful ones.

  • Just painted

    This photograph was taken in June 2012.

  • After 3 years

    This photograph was taken three years later in June 2015.

  • After a cleaning

    This photograph was taken in June 2015 after removing the little dirt that was there.