• Just painted

    This photograph was taken in June 2012.
  • After 3 years

    This photograph was taken three years later in June 2015.
  • After cleaning

    This photograph was taken in June 2015 after removing the little dirt that was there.
  • Specially designed for the nautical sector.

  • Technological. Incorporates the latest advances in electronics.

  • Cleansed. No sanding or painting required.

  • Without maintenance. Unlike paint, it doesn't have to be discarded every season.

  • Quick and easy to install. It is not necessary to take the boat out of the water.

  • Ecological. It does not harm marine fauna at all. It doesn’t kill microorganisms, it just doesn’t let them stick to the hull.

  • Economic. It pays for itself quickly.

  • Harmless and without toxic products. No harmful products are released into the water.