The problem

Microorganisms, such as shells, algae and others, grow on any object in contact with water, such as rocks, anchoring ends, and the living work of a boat. The application of antifouling paint is a temporary solution since it must be repainted each season. With the removal of polluting products in the paints, the duration of protection has been reduced. However, the paints are self-polishing and contribute to water pollution. The ultrasonic technique has managed to avoid fouling and be more environmentally friendly.

The Technical Solution

Our tests have shown that applying ultrasound to helmets
of vessels at specific frequencies, the problem is eliminated
of scale because microorganisms cannot
develop on a surface exposed to ultrasonic signals.
We use amplitudes of microns so as not to damage the boat or the fauna
marina. We have developed several models for different sizes of
boats, and we placed more transducers on larger surfaces.