Installation on boats

CEUS Ultrasonic Antifouling equipment is installed in four easy steps and requires hardly any tools. In any case, if you wish, you can contact us and we will tell you where to find the nearest authorized installer.

  • First step

    Apply the resin paste (included in the kit) to the bottom of the transducers and the threaded support.

  • Second step

    Fit the transducers pressing firmly to leave the minimum thickness of paste between the transducer and the hull. *

  • Third step

    After 15 minutes, we can unscrew the transducers from their support, remove the protective plastic film, and screw them back on.

  • Fourth step

    Connect the cables to the electronic box.

    After an hour of having placed the transducers, we can start the device.

* See the instruction manual for more details on the best placement of the transducers.